Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for mobile retail

Leading the pack in Microsoft Dynamics 365 knowledge and retail industry experience, RSM consultants are well positioned to provide the best available technology solutions to mobile retail clients nationwide.

Recognized as a top-level Microsoft Dynamics Business Solution Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, RSM supports one of the largest Dynamics 365 practices in the United States while also leveraging its proven track record in retail to bring mobile retailers the single-platform capabilities of RSM’s end-to-end solution suite designed exclusively for the retail industry—built on the flexibility and power of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. 

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RSM consultants deliver enhanced performance for mobile retail operations

As the internet of things reshapes the way consumers interact with brands across channels and devices, retailers are undergoing a digital transformation, optimizing both online and in-store offerings for mobile access, enabling shoppers to browse wares, communicate with associates and make final purchases straight from any of a wide variety of smart devices. Leveraging this mobile connectivity is now an essential part of an overall retail strategy, and for good reason—mobile commerce is estimated to comprise 30 percent of total commerce in the United States, available to the nearly 200 million people in the United States who own smartphones. Leaders in mobile retail can cater to customer demands for timely access and feedback, pain-free transactions and tailored content delivery by improving visibility, agility and functionality across the mobile retail marketplace—precisely the type of functionality RSM’s solution is designed to support.

Hands-on experience across all segments of the retail industry—along with unrivaled Microsoft support and Dynamics 365 knowledge—combine to make RSM‘s consulting team uniquely qualified to deliver retail solutions to mobile retailers, enabling them to maximize and fully realize the full potential of mobile technology to drive more effective, interactive, and profitable customer relationships.

RSM understands mobile retail pain points, business drivers

RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants are experienced in the dynamic and evolving complexities of the retail industry, giving them strategic insight into the operational challenges, objectives and business drivers that propel leaders in mobile retail toward innovation and automation. RSM brings industry executives the required depth and breadth of technical and industry knowledge to help them gain critical efficiencies and meet challenges specific to their fast-growing segment within the retail industry, including requirements to:

  • Share knowledge broadly: Integrate mobile commerce directly into company-wide processes and communication, routing client and account data to appropriate personnel as required to provide customer support, review transaction details and analyze metrics for such key areas as promotional impact and success.
  • Extend the point-of-sale (POS): Allow both customers and employees alike to access the mobile site from any location, on any device, at any time, eliminating restrictions around time zones, open hours, off-site travel and other related limitations. Provide field sales, mobile professionals and mobile service technicians the ability and security to perform tasks away from the office, boosting overall sales potential.
  • Enhance customer service capabilities: Eliminate trips to the warehouse to check inventory status or product availability by equipping service agents with the ability to quickly retrieve this kind of mission-critical data via their smart device. Reduce client wait times, improve customer satisfaction and build more profitable customer relationships by providing accurate, real-time status updates.
  • Improve inventory management: Quickly identify which items are moving fast and require immediate replenishment, and which are lagging and do not—communicating these results to appropriate supply chain personnel for appropriate resolution. Enable a more cost-effective purchasing strategy by focusing product investments on items with proven sales speed and success.
  • Leverage mobile retail as a brand extension: Integrate mobile capabilities across the enterprise, enabling mobile consumers to use their device both online and in the store to learn about discounts, contact sales associates and make purchases. Position mobile commerce as a seamless extension of the brand, with a consistent visual scheme across all outreach channels and media to ensure a unified, public-facing look and feel. 

With substantial hands-on experience delivering technology solutions to help mobile retailers expand functionality, improve sales performance, and enhance both employee and customer experiences, RSM’s Dynamics 365 consultants specialize in meeting industry-specific challenges.

RSM delivers Dynamics 365 functionality, designed specifically for mobile retail

RSM delivers solutions built directly on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, and features tools and capabilities specifically designed to give mobile retailers the visibility and agility they need to capture and retain consumer interest in today’s fast-paced world of digital commerce, including functionality such as:

  • Comprehensive clienteling: Responding to customer inquiries for product information through a connected mobile device, mobile retailers can quickly retrieve intricate details, including reviews and side-by-side comparisons to advise and guide clients toward products best matched to their needs, quickly pulling up shopper profiles with data such as recent purchases, wish lists, order histories and purchasing trends to provide more targeted and direct service.
  • Automated administration: Performing administrative tasks such as completing time and expense reports and approving budget requests and revisions remotely, mobile retailers can reduce time spent manually preparing and transmitting such documents in their paper-based form, improving employee efficiency and helping to prevent human error.
  • Warehouse management: Moving warehouse management and maintenance functions away from traditional, paper-based systems and onto an automated, mobile platform, mobile retailers are able to provide more timely progress updates, easily accessed by POS associates to drive more informed customer interactions.
  • Customizable user interfaces: Reducing training time by allowing each employee to customize the POS application to reveal appropriate role-specific data and updates—optimized to improve user productivity and speed of service—mobile retailers can see just what they need on their dashboard, without the time-consuming process of sifting through unnecessary volumes of irrelevant data.
  • Document attachment functionality: Affixing supporting documents directly to requests, such as attaching scanned receipts directly to an expense reimbursement form, mobile retailers can prevent data loss and confusion, ensuring all relevant files are efficiently mapped to their appropriate location.
  • Offline accessibility: Retrieving recently-viewed records in offline environments, mobile retailers can ensure vital information is always accessible at the click of a button, making working hours more flexible and expansive by allowing employees access to essential files for communication and collaboration.
  • Loyalty and gift card acceptance: Accepting and managing gift cards and loyalty points through a centrally managed, online database—accessible by any mobile smart device—mobile retailers can ensure more accurate pricing and build stronger brand loyalty by effectively catering to customers looking for personalization and reward.

Specifically designed to help mobile retailers respond to these and other complex functionality requirements, RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for retail is sufficiently adaptable to meet a wide range of user demands. Adding retail-specific accelerators from RSM to enhance existing out-of-the-box functionality optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness with which RSM’s retail clients are able to compete and differentiate their operations in an increasingly competitive mobile marketplace.


As an industry and technology certified Microsoft partner, RSM is one of a select few of co-development and emerging market partners working on micro-vertical specific application enhancement retail. RSM has earned Microsoft’s gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) competency in the Microsoft Partner Network as well as a Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) status. 

  • Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Distribution Excellence Award
  • Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CfMD)
  • Retail Solution Center Partner
  • Distribution Solution Center Partner
  • Global Development Localization Partner Advisory Board
  • RFID Partner Advisory Council
  • Dynamics 365 X++ Development I

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