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Creating a better system: The importance of ERP to organizations


“We are a data-driven society,” says Steve Jones, principal at RSM. “The world is moving fast, and technology is developing incredibly quickly.”

Jones says that because technology is evolving so rapidly, organizations need to embrace digital transformation or they will fall behind the competition. One way to do this, he argues, is by embracing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the power it has to transform an entire company.

“Cloud ERP provides efficiency and automation,” Jones says. “It is a digital transformation starting with financials and extending throughout your entire organization and customer interactions. When companies go all-in on cloud adoption, it means that they can stop managing their IT headaches and instead focus on their core businesses.”

Jones explains that NetSuite, in particular, has become the ERP solution of choice for many organizations. He says that NetSuite is a true cloud-based platform that accommodates much more than just financials. The system’s advanced capabilities provide significant automation, allowing companies to operate their entire business in a single, web-based solution from ERP and customer relationship management to e-commerce and retail point of sale.

“NetSuite is infinitely scalable,” Jones says. “It’s good at handling multiple languages, multiple currencies, or whatever complexity your organization requires. And because it’s based in the cloud, you don’t need an army of IT people to run it.”

Companies that are looking into ERP also have a big advantage that didn’t exist just a few years ago, says Jones. Cloud-based solutions have gone through real-world testing of their security, and their reliability has been impressive.

“Fifteen years ago, we would spend half of our time talking about security concerns of running your business in the cloud, not efficiencies gained,” Jones says. “But today, people are comfortable with things like online banking and purchasing from websites with our credit cards. We trust that our information is being guarded. This allows us more time to talk about how we’re going to transform their business instead.”

Jones says that many organizations are mired in time-consuming, manual processes, and they need help. He believes that companies are realizing how crucial modern ERP is to their viability, and as a result, more organizations are turning to NetSuite or other cloud-based providers to make them run more efficiently.

“Companies don’t have to go through a painful implementation process,” Jones says. “It can be relatively straightforward. And if you devote the time and energy to improve your organization, it can revolutionize your business.”

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