Top ranking national Microsoft Dynamics partner

RSM has provided implementations for Microsoft Dynamics® AX, Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, Microsoft Dynamics® SL and Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server for over 30 years with over 2,000 clients across the country. We have over 950+ consultants across the U.S. supporting our technology consulting practice so you can be confident that we assembled a team based on your industry and technical needs.

We are a leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market, operating in 80 cities nationwide. Our size allows us to attract and retain exceptional people, tools and technologies, while still offering a local, personal touch with significant value at a fair price.

Why Choose RSM for your Microsoft Dynamics GP or SL Implementation?

Unparalleled Experience

Our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals maintains current Dynamics certifications and regularly participate in on-going training programs.

RSM’s Technology and Management Consulting practice has achieved its Gold Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network. This competency means RSM has consistently demonstrated the ability to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment and has completed a set of rigorous tests to prove their level of technological expertise. Additionally, we are required to retain a high number of Microsoft Certified Professionals and submit customer references.

The RSM Technology and Management Consulting team is a seasoned group with implementation experience in financial, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning solutions.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

RSM consultants have a high level of technology experience across a number of industries. This means we spend less time getting to know your industry and more time helping you find cost-effective ways to address your business technology needs.

We handpick each project team to ensure strong experience in your industry and the technical skills to meet your needs. Consultants have extensive experience in:

The RSM Advantage

  • Implementation methodologies which cost-effectively address your needs and how your business operates
  • National resources from local RSM offices throughout United States with personalized service and hands-on involvement
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals with current Dynamics certifications who participate regularly in on-going training programs
  • Accelerators which extend your Microsoft Dynamics solutions
  • Specialize in extending Microsoft Dynamics® through Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS or SharePoint)
  • Expertise in all areas of Microsoft products, including Office 365, Windows 7, and more

Efficient Implementation Methodologies

Our team of Microsoft Dynamics implementation specialists utilizes a unique implementation methodology which allows us the time to understand how the business operates and to provide a solution to best fit the needs of our clients.

The RSM implementation methodology consists of five phases that span the project lifecycle. These phases are consistent across all our engagements though the specific tasks and deliverables are dependent on the business objectives, project constraints and engagement scope. Project management stretches over all phases of the engagement to keep the project on schedule and provide quality assurance on the product delivered to the client.

Implementation Phases:

  • Phase 1 — Initiate
    The Initiate phase is critical to the ultimate success of the project; during this time, we plan the implementation and ensure that all team members have a clear understanding of the project goals, expectations and timelines.
  • Phase 2 — Analyze and Design
    This phase quickly follows the Initiate phase, typically happening on the same day as the Project Kickoff Meeting. During this phase, the RSM project team develops detailed insight into your organization’s needs and how the new system will be configured to best support them.
  • Phase 3 — Build and Validate
    Using the design document as a blueprint, configuration of the new system begins. A working model of the production system is prepared, and the process flows, data conversions, reports and customizations are tested.
  • Phase 4 — Deploy
    Once agreement is reached that the system is ready for deployment, the configuration is migrated to the production environment, end-user training is conducted and final Go-Live preparations are completed.
  • Phase 5 — Operate
    Once the system is operational for 30 days, a project closing process is completed to confirm that the application was delivered as expected and the terms of the engagement were fulfilled.

National Resources, Individual Attention

With technology practices throughout the country, we have the resources of a national organization while maintaining personalized service and hands-on involvement. Our size allows us to attract and retain exceptional people, tools and technologies, while still offering a local, personal touch with significant value at a fair price.

We have local practices throughout the country including Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Colorado and Arizona.

Awards and Recognition

RSM consistently ranks as a top Microsoft Dynamics® partner in the country. Other recognitions include:

  • Gold Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network – showcases our proficiency in deploying solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and related applications.
  • Gold Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network – demonstrates our capabilities in developing Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions through our skills, expertise and resources to deploy financial and supply chain management solutions matching our clients' needs.
  • Silver Hosting Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network – distinguishes RSM as a hosting expert.



  • Inner Circle. This recognition represents RSM among the top 1% of Dynamic Partners in the US.




Microsoft Dynamics ERP Products

Microsoft Dynamics GP

RSM’s consultants have a deep understanding of the needs and objectives of growing companies. Our team has a high level of industry and technology experience coming from backgrounds as accountants, controllers and other positions in a variety of industries. We offer a broad range of services for all areas of Microsoft Dynamics including:

  • Financial Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Distribution
  • Field Service Management
  • Materials Management and Procurement
  • Project Accounting
  • Human Resources & Payroll
  • Customization
  • Business Portal

Ways Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your business:

  • Streamline operations and improve efficiency
  • Provide access to timely information throughout your organization
  • Fully integrate your system for comprehensive data analysis
  • Effective budgeting and planning for better management and response to changes
  • “Home Page” design tailors task-specific roles within the company for easy system navigation
  • Microsoft standard interface eases the end user acceptance and adoption
  • Leverage your existing Microsoft technologies – Outlook, Excel and Word

RSM offers comprehensive professional services for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Our team of consultants can help you solve any problem you are experiencing with your Microsoft Dynamics system.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Project-driven organizations require effective and efficient management of both projects and financial data in a system that is integrated to allow for full visibility of both areas.

RSM can help your organization operate more efficiently and effectively by helping you implement project-based technology to reduce costs, increase profits and create a competitive advantage designed to meet your strategic objectives.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is designed to work for complex project accounting and is suited for organizations like government contracting, not-for-profit and professional services.

Dynamics SL is ideal for integrating with other systems. This solution helps automate everyday business processes and improve operations, allowing you to serve customers better. It offers a full range of business and accounting applications for small and midsized organizations. Due to its flexibility, it is affordable for those with smaller IT budgets.

Our consultants will implement this software and assist with customization, so you can retrieve the information you need, the way you want it. Utilization of real-time data access through a Web-based interface helps organizations automate everyday business processes and accomplish more in less time.

RSM offers comprehensive professional services for Microsoft Dynamics® SL. Our consultants have combined new technologies, proven methodologies and broad-based business knowledge to successfully implement these solutions.

RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics ERP Services

RSM’s Microsoft Dynamics ERP Services include:

Design, Implementation and Support

Improve visibility, scalability, process efficiency and promote growth

Even if you have a non-integrated, highly customized or outdated ERP system, you may have decided to not make changes the last several years. That’s understandable. But with the business climate improving, now may be the time to make that investment in your organization’s future growth.

Perhaps you put off the decision because you fear conversion will be painful. It may be comforting to know that conversion horror stories are preventable when you choose a strategic partner who works to know you and your business.

At RSM, our ERP team members are business analysts who really understand your industry and processes – they’re not just installers of software. Using a customized, flexible implementation approach, they know how to head off conversion issues before they occur. And they’ll help you maximize the value of your information systems and create a competitive advantage to help you meet your strategic objectives.


Avoid business interruption by fine-tuning your systems

If you’re experiencing slow system performance, or the information you need simply isn’t easily available due to cumbersome and ineffective reporting tools, your hardware may be at the end of its life cycle, and it might be time to consider optimizing your current systems.

Over time, your ERP systems can begin to have performance issues. Like a PC that starts to slow down due to adware, fragmented disks or viruses, your ERP system may need professional help to optimize and sustain system performance and effectiveness. Use of our optimization and performance engineering services over time may even help to prolong the usable life of your core system(s).

Keeping your systems in optimal running condition requires technical expertise from a variety of disciplines. RSM’s ERP consultants aren’t just technicians, they’re business analysts with both broad and deep knowledge of the systems we support – experts who understand your business and how important it is for your systems to provide top-notch performance and efficient reporting tools.

We’ll help you avoid the unnecessary downtime and loss of productivity that can hurt your business and your bottom line.


Access the necessary technical skills, expertise for complex upgrades

System upgrades provide you with access to the latest software features – improvements that could make your decision-making easier, business processes flow more smoothly and provide more tools to grow your business.

Moving your business forward can be easier if you’re staying current and taking advantage of your software’s newest versions. The “hang-up” generally involves customization – the number and complexity of custom reports or unique business processes that could complicate the upgrade process.

To avoid the possibility a “glitch” will occur, our consultants spend the time to understand you and your business. And our keen business sense and proven methodology helps mitigate the risks of even the most complex situations. Our six-step process begins with planning and ends with user training on the new features and functions of your software so your staff can take advantage of improvements from day one.

Don’t let a complex upgrade scare you. We have a large staff of technical professionals available to you locally and nationally.

We’ve got you covered.


Extend your business systems to improve ROI and adoption

Our ERP software customization services can help you improve user acceptance, enhance process flow and extend the overall functionality of your organization’s business systems. The result can mean a better experience for users and improved system ROI.


Improve productivity. Increase visibility. Maximize functionality

If you’re not getting the total functionality you expected from your new ERP system, or your current system was satisfactory initially but now you’d like to eliminate disparate systems, it’s time for a system integration plan.

More often than not, standard ERP systems don’t come with all the unique functionality and features businesses need. Our integration consultants solve that problem by providing “open-architecture” system design and programming that enable you to seamlessly integrate your custom and best-of-breed systems with your core ERP system.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Extend your business productivity with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. Use SharePoint to improve operational efficiency and avoid the hunt for information

RSM specializes in extending Microsoft Dynamics through Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS or SharePoint).

SharePoint is a collaboration platform that uniformly extends applications across your company. RSM implements SharePoint as a presentation layout to connect the systems used across your business. Our consultants understand business processes from the point at which a customer makes an inquiry to the completion of the operation.

We have an average of over fifteen years of development experience and have implemented solutions to:

  • Simplify complex business flows
  • Create visibility and accountability to key business processes
  • Automate processes that initiate tasks and alert individuals to action
  • Manage common and individual areas most effectively
  • Create, manage and share documents, records and Web content
  • Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Windows 7 and more.

Contact us to learn how you may be eligible for FREE Deployment Planning Services.

Extend your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Implementation with Accelerators

RSM offers several accelerators to extend your Microsoft Dynamics solutions:

For Microsoft Dynamics GP

SmartStart for Microsoft Dynamics GP
Our SmartStart program accelerates the benefits that your ERP system can provide, including:

  • Gaining control: Increase financial transparency with integrated systems, shared data and drill-down capabilities that give you visibility into your transactions and audit trails.
  • Automating key business processes: Improve efficiencies, data accuracy and staff productivity by leveraging out-of-the-box functionality, including internal controls and flexible reporting tools.
  • Increasing visibility: Go beyond basic reporting with powerful self-service analysis and business intelligence tools that help your people work more proactively, allowing you to have the most pertinent information to support business investments and decisions.

Materials Management Accelerator
To help health care providers respond to these challenges, the Microsoft Collaborative Health initiative provides a framework for streamlining the way medical information is created, collected, accessed and shared. The goal: to enable clinicians, researchers and administrators to work together in integrated collaborative teams to deliver affordable health care. Microsoft Dynamics GP can play a key role in helping health care providers achieve collaborative health. A fully integrated and highly extensible financial and business management solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the tools and infrastructure health care organizations need to transform the way they record, track and access critical business information. Microsoft Dynamics GP is also an ideal choice for integrated health care delivery systems that need to find a more cost- effective way to standardize and exchange financial information between their entities.

RSM Support Program Accelerator
This tool automates the collection and generation of detailed database, security and customization information about a Microsoft Dynamics GP installation. This is useful for general IT documentation purposes, planning upgrades and external compliance requirements. This program was created to assist users in documenting their Dynamics GP processing environment and determining which roles and tasks allow user access to windows and reports.

Financial Tools Suite Accelerator
RSM’s Financial Tools Suite Accelerator is a collection of dexterity programs designed to assist in performing a variety of import, export and table maintenance tasks for the Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting application. Among other functions, the accelerator includes the ability to import general ledger (GL) journal entries.

Local Payroll Tax Recalculation Accelerator
Many local governments have instituted payroll taxes that have monthly maximums. For weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly payrolls, this presents a requirement to check previous payments during the month—which Microsoft Dynamics GP does not support natively. The RSM Local Payroll Tax Recalculation Accelerator automates this look-back process and automatically adjusts local tax deductions accordingly.

For Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL for Government Contractors
With more than 300 clients nationwide, our Government Contracting team specializes in your technology business solutions needs. Our experience and knowledge will help you improve the flow of information and manage your financial accounting needs.

RSM Dynamics SL Government Contractor Reports Accelerator
As the leading provider for Microsoft Dynamics SL solutions to the government contracting industry, RSM has developed a report package for Dynamics SL, which fills a gap in the standard reporting needs. These reports pull information directly from your Dynamics SL data, ensuring accuracy in your reports. The report accelerator includes job summary reports at actual rates, with the capability for unlimited indirect rate calculations.

How can we help you?

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"We were on our third reseller at the time of choosing RSM. We vetted what worked and what definitely did not work. We were looking for someone who went above and beyond not just integrating the system but understanding truly what we do as a company, where we’re going and what our vision is. Instead of telling us what to do, they actually helped us and understood what we wanted and worked with us. It was a big difference from the prior two companies we had worked with."
— Impellum North America

“RSM has first-class people selling high-quality products. We evaluated many solutions available for companies our size and there was a clear difference with RSM. They are business specialists who deeply care about the job and its success. We’re pleased to have partnered with a team who understands what we do and how we want to grow our business. This has been a tremendous experience for us and we could not have hoped for a more successful outcome.”
— Darren Hirsowitz, Director of Finance, Flagler System Inc.

“After interviewing several implementation teams, RSM was selected because they too were CPAs and had a local office that would support our implementation. I have a full time job and wanted my hand held during this process. RSM made us this promise and completely delivered. Jeff Bloch, the lead consultant on the project, took full ownership of the process and led the effort. The implementation has been successfully rolled out to all 19 facilities and was completely adopted by the work force and field. I have not heard any complaints!”
— Gary Klonowski, Corporate Controller, Brandywine Senior Living

Case Studies

Real Answers to the Complex Financial System Challenges of the Iconic The Breakers Resort
The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Fla. was in need of an integrated financial system to reduce manual entry and increase general ledger detail.

RSM Provides Industry Specific Answers with the Flexibility to Grow with Contemporary Staffing Solutions
The regional staffing company wanted a comprehensive back-office solution that was specific to their unique needs.

ERP Implementation Helps Brandywine Senior Living Achieve Over $60,000 in Annual Savings
A major provider of senior living services in the Mid-Atlantic region was in search of a more efficient accounting solution.