Full Circle Budget™

Energize your Excel budgeting

Full Circle Budget™ is an Excel add-in that processes budgets directly from Excel into Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL and NAV.

Excel budgeting made easy

  • Create budget templates in Excel or use any financial reporting software that exports to Excel
  • Create Full Circle Budget report definition specifying location of required budget fields
  • Apply data entry formats, calculation formulas, page layout specifications and protect cells with Full Circle Budget
  • Enter budget amounts in Excel

Eliminate budget frustrations

Budget worksheets in Excel can be in any format you choose. Arrange periods, accounts and budget identification in almost any format imaginable. Structure data in rows, columns or a combination of both.

Disable and/or password protect Full Circle Budget definitions controlling budget updates. Log all budget entries and retrieve previous versions of budget templates via workbook tracking.

Enter and update budget amounts directly in Full Circle Budget. Add and track new account numbers automatically (Microsoft Dynamics GP only).

Full Circle Budget works with any financial reporting software that exports to Excel. Some popular choices include: FRx, Management Reporter, BI360 and Jet Reports.

If you budget in Excel, you need Full Circle Budget!

“Thank you for Full Circle Budget. I completed our budget in RECORD TIME! In years past, the process was agonizing. I would spend over a week exporting and reformatting data from GP into Excel to create the 80-plus worksheet budget file. With Full Circle Budget, I created my budget workbook in a fraction of the time.”

- Theresa Wilke, Controller, Hartwig Inc.

How can Full Circle Budget help you?

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