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Get on board with Management Reporter 2012

If you haven't done so already, it's time to make the move from FRx and get on board with Management Reporter 2012. Management Reporter is on the fast track that includes a rapid release schedule with features being added in quick succession.

With the release of Management Reporter 2012 last Spring came the new Data Mart feature. The Data Mart uses the existing Management Reporter server and client to connect to a data mart that holds the financial data needed for financial reporting. This data mart uses a trickle method to continuously move data from Dynamics GP to the data mart.

This new technology optimizes performance for financial reporting, refrains from taxing your Dynamics ERP system, and allows for improved integration enhancements.

Using the trickle method, users will no longer have to wait hours to see their financial data refreshed.

The trickle method searches for new data based upon a schedule. For example, you could setup a schedule that runs every 45 seconds, so that the data mart would be up to date after the new transactions move from the ERP to the data mart every 45 seconds.

Key Benefits of the Data Mart include:

  • Reporting capabilities for Dynamics GP and Dynamics Analytical Accounting combined in one company – For customers using Analytical Accounting, there is no need to have separate companies to generate reports. You simply design the report for the GP accounts, segments or Analytical Accounting dimensions you want.
  • Company integration – Dynamics GP companies are imported into the data mart when they are created in Dynamics GP so there is no need to manually set them up.
  • Performance enhancements – The data mart is optimized for financial reporting, and many reports will experience improved performance.

Note: Reports that require currency translation capabilities, Dynamics GP account level security, and drill back capabilities to Dynamics GP, the legacy provider will still be needed. In these situations, the Data Mart and Legacy Provider can be used simultaneously as needed.

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