Continuity Sales with Microsoft Dynamics®AX

Recurring revenue program management for “white glove” customer service

Continuity programs can be a rich, recurring source of revenue. Keeping customers happy and maintaining enrollment in these recurring revenue programs is critical to the viability of this revenue stream. Dynamics AX for Retail's Continuity Sales module provides customer service representatives with easy-to-use management tools to quickly process continuity orders, customize the recurring revenue program to meet customer needs and capture updated payment information to retain customers and reclaim declined accounts.

Features & Benefits

Setup Flexibility
Create continuity plans based a variety of pricing, payment and fulfillment scenarios. Combine this flexibility with setup options for special pricing, shipping charges, payment plans, and credit card processing to create a competitive continuity offering for any marketplace.

Respond to Customer Preferences
Customer service representatives are able to personalize a pre-defined order schedule to accommodate customer preferences. Options include overriding item pricing, skipping unwanted products in a series, changing delivery dates to accommodate customer vacations schedules, and specifying payment preferences to quickly meet customer needs.

Automate Order Processing
Shipment orders can be created and scheduled, inventory is reserved, credit cards are authorized, orders are fulfilled, and payments are processed. Fulfill all orders at once or manage the workload by level loading the orders sent to the warehouse. Exception-based workbenches are included to manage expired credit cards, inventory stock-outs and substitutions.

Master Planning
Continuity Sales links seamlessly into the Dynamics AX Master Planning software module, enabling future order replenishment scheduling. Future continuity demand is included in the MRP calculations of supply and demand, giving the supply department the opportunity to ensure products are ready and available for order fulfillment. Advanced features help the planner to fine-tune the master plan to accommodate marketing campaigns and customer attrition.

Run Custom Reporting
Custom reporting capabilities gives retailers the necessary visibility to analyze the performance of each continuity plan. Respond to market trends, forecast revenue, and evolve the product offerings based on customer response and attrition rates within the various levels the continuity plan.

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