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3 tools to help assess performance in Microsoft Dynamics AX


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In many Microsoft Dynamics® 365 (formerly Dynamics AX) implementations, performance testing, stress-testing and tuning are often overlooked or not scheduled until the system becomes live. Unfortunately, that strategy frequently creates significant issues after the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system comes to a screeching halt, when users log in and begin to perform their daily activities. The continued growth and expansion of companies require performance and stress-testing to be a vital part of the ERP implementation process instead of an afterthought.

As transaction volume increases, efficiencies in daily operations become more critical to productivity and profitability, further highlighting the need for appropriate performance planning, benchmarking and analysis in every implementation or upgrade. Microsoft has developed three tools designed to make performance and stress-testing and tuning easier and more effective: Tracing cockpit, DynamicsPerf DB and Windows Performance Monitor.

  • Tracing cockpit traces a given process from start to finish, capturing the following outputs:
    • What transpired “behind the scenes” (e.g., in the back end)
    • All of the objects (classes, methods, etc.) that were called
    • The frequency with which the respective objects were called
    • The amount of time required for Dynamics 365 to process that particular object
  • DynamicsPerf DB captures SQL statistics during a period of time. These metrics can determine what improvements can be made to increase ERP system performance.
  • Windows Performance Monitor is a powerful diagnostic tool capable of answering most questions surrounding the state of discs. It uses averaging and rounding to maintain only meaningful data in its log files, which allows for captures over a long period of time.

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