Data integration and migration services

Realize the full value of technology investments with accurate data

Middle market organizations are implementing a variety of new technology applications to increase efficiency and productivity, and keep up with customer and internal expectations. However, whether it is a new enterprise resource planning or a customer relationship management system, companies are often unfamiliar with data migration and conversion complexities, or inadequately resourced for the task. Adding to that are data quality issues that often exist in legacy systems and limit the effectiveness and value of any new technology investments.

Companies often face a host of data integration and migration challenges. For example:

  • Existing systems were developed before the concept of mass data extractions and consequently cannot easily export the data required.
  • Older systems are often no longer supported by vendors, creating significant challenges when data has to be migrated to a new platform.
  • A new system requires data that are not easily available from existing system(s).
  • The organization does not have the necessary internal understanding of the nuances of data conversion and migration.
  • The organization has issues with the consistency of data quality from system to system.
  • There is a lack of coordination of master data across the enterprise.

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Ultimately, data migration, integration and quality issues often directly result in lost productivity and employee dissatisfaction, and tend to negatively affect businesses operations.

RSM has developed a comprehensive data integration and migration services platform to help ensure your data is migrated successfully to new systems and applications. We can significantly improve and maintain your data's cleanliness and accuracy, seamlessly integrate your data across applications to enhance decision-making, and reduce the burden in your likely already overloaded IT department. Our proven solutions include:

  • Data migration: Our team discovers and acquires data from your data sources, partnering with your source system stakeholders. We explore, analyze and cleanse the data, identifying issues such as duplicate records and data fields that are not populated or populated inconsistently. We then prepare, enrich, transform and map data to the destination system.
  • Data integration: Our advisors take data from two or more business solutions and integrate that information to provide a unified view.  
  • Data quality: We enable your business to enhance your data's value to make confident and knowledgeable business decisions. Our proven framework identifies and corrects data inaccuracies to eliminate concerns in new (or existing) systems and develops a process that continually monitors data to help ensure that it remains reliable moving forward.
  • Analytic process automation: We can automate repetitive data processes that are currently being manually performed. For example, many companies use Excel for order-to-cash reconciliations, consolidation of trial balances, etc. We have the tools and experience to automate these processes and turn mundane tasks into analytical workflows that can be scheduled to run on demand.
  • Alteryx enablement: Alteryx is a comprehensive, end-to-end data analytics platform and the core tool we use to provide data integration and migration services. We offer extensive Alteryx training to help you effectively leverage your data—including how to use and deploy the solution, as well as continuous guidance, support and user training.   

Middle market companies often take on data integration and migration projects internally, and unfortunately, many efforts struggle and fail, resulting in lost time, resources and, ultimately, money. Regardless of your data project’s size and scope, we have the experience and tools to integrate and migrate your data successfully and help ensure it remains sound.