SmartStart for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When you’re ready for a mature sales management system, RSM’s CRM SmartStart can get your organization up and running quickly.

To experience how Dynamics CRM and SmartStart can help your organization, consider a free 30 day trial of CRM Online.

How many of your prospects and opportunities are managed in Outlook Contacts and Excel sheets at the sales professional level? Do you worry your pipeline is greatly affected by sales team turnover? How do you keep your sales team in front of prospects?

RSM's CRM SmartStart is exclusively developed for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. CRM SmartStart accelerates the benefits that your CRM system can provide, including:

  • Organizational ownership of information. A CRM system can give your organization the necessary information to sustain relationships with prospects while keeping track of opportunities and closing deals.
  • Sales team productivity. Sales professionals must have quick access and insight into activities requiring follow up and be able to schedule new activities seamlessly. A CRM system can enable your sales team to complete their administrative responsibilities quickly and focus on relationship building.
  • Visibility. A CRM system can help you understand how your team is engaged and where your opportunities are, allowing you to have the most pertinent information to support business investments and decisions.

Dynamics CRM can be implemented on several platforms based on your specific needs:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online hosted by Microsoft. This option is affordably priced and easily deployed. This platform is available for a 30-day free trial.
  • Dedicated hosting, priced per user per month by RSM. This provides a secure, maintained platform with data backup and disaster recovery without costly hardware investments or the hassles of managing equipment.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise, installed on your own server. RSM helps you design and plan your custom deployment.

RSM consultants have deep experience implementing CRM systems and automating sales processes. Working across a range of industries and market sizes, we have identified critical objectives our clients are looking to achieve. We used this information to design the SmartStart program and help clients quickly realize the value of CRM.

The SmartStart program includes:

  • Identification of short-term goals, long-term vision and priorities surrounding your company needs
  • Training on best-practice processes for sales automation and pipeline reporting
  • Configuration of the application to meet your unique business requirements
  • Workflow to automate key processes
  • An accelerated implementation schedule to get you up and running quickly
  • A CRM application that is pre-configured with features required by most organizations

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