Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a dominant marketing application sitting under the umbrella of the Dynamics 365 Platform. This application harnesses the valuable customer data within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to intelligently personalize marketing efforts, attract appropriate prospects, and communicate at the perfect moment to increase demand. Dynamics 365 Marketing autonomously nurtures leads from their earliest interaction, through the point of purchase. While simultaneously sending comprehensive sales ready lead records directly to the sales team to close the sale.

Personalizing the Customer Experience

Dynamics 365 Marketing creates personalized customer buying experiences through the use of Customer Journeys. These are automated multi-channel marketing campaigns that engage with the customer across their buying process. The Customer Journey builder, provides a visually appealing and easy to maneuver experience. The Customer Journey sends personalized emails, communications, and surveys which are triggered by various customer interactions. All customer interactions are recorded and displayed on the lead record. The Customer Journey can be cloned, reused, and customized for your specific industry.

Optimizing Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Dynamics 365 Marketing is revolutionary as it operates utilizing the same database as the Dynamics 365 Platform Applications. This creates seamless interactions between the sales and marketing teams as information is easily accessed and shared, while data remains synced and up to date at all times. Intelligent workflows can be used to automatically send the sales team leads that are sales ready and alert on which leads need to be followed up on. Directly saving countless time transforming tedious tasks into automated tasks. 

Increasing Marketing Performance

The application provides efficiency by decreasing the duration of time typical tasks would regularly require. Using the built-in email template designer, transforms a typically challenging task of designing beautiful email templates, making it simple without custom coding. Including added features of dynamically pulling data from Dynamics 365 CE records to personalize emails. The A/B email test helps determine which email template is more effective, and can be configured to automatically send that template to the remaining recipients.

How RSM Can Help

Increase Knowledge of Customers by configuring this application to help you understand your customers’ buying habits and differentiating interests.

Maximize Sales Efforts by using Dynamics 365 Marketing, your sales team will focus on prospects that encompass high lead scores based on marketing objectives.

Make Informed Decisions leveraging the information collected from customer interactions that portray valuable stories to assist in future marketing campaign decisions.

  • The automated system directs the customer through the purchase process to handle the 57% of B2B transactions that do not communicate with sales team members.
  • By using Dynamics 365 Marketing, unnecessary leads won’t be sent to the sales team and their time can be spent on realistic leads. 
  • Customer Journeys make it very easy to implement multi-channel marketing programs. An issue, 37% of marketing professionals have a challenging time implementing.

This application is built to support mobile, tablet, and desktop use, increase ease of access to information.