Health and Human Services Case Management Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Powerful, integrated case management increases visibility and improves service delivery.

The challenges of HHS case management often include:

  • Multiple jurisdictions with varying requirements across jurisdictions
  • Availability of services can be inconsistent across jurisdictions
  • Manual, time-consuming processes bog down case management
  • Duplicate and inconsistent data across jurisdictions or agencies
  • No one point of access to the case management plan for each recipient of services, resulting in poor visibility, disjointed and inefficient plans, with frequent scheduling issues
  • Inability to track service recipients across jurisdictions, opening up the possibility of fraud

To help increase efficiency, enhance visibility and improve the service delivery experience for recipients, RSM developed a powerful, integrated case management tool for health and human services agencies.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM at its core, the RSM HHS case management platform increases service delivery efficiency and effectiveness. The platform:

  • Provides person-centered case management processes
  • Facilitates good decision making, using technology that’s easy to use
  • Eliminates manual, time-consuming processes
  • Increases collaboration and visibility and facilitates smooth communications among stakeholders
  • Leverages the full scope of providers for recipients of services
  • Standardizes service delivery by leveraging stakeholders’ best practice procedures
  • Reduces the likelihood of fraudulent filing for services in multiple jurisdictions
  • Adds scalability to handle growing caseloads without adding additional in-house resources
  • Is enabled for customer portal and provider portal interaction
  • Supports the end to end business process from intake to billing

Learn more about the solution


In this video, Phil Haase, principal and national technology and management consulting public sector lead, will explain the benefits of RSM's person-centered Health and Human Services Case Management Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Video demonstration

State and county agencies can streamline case management efforts with RSM's Health and Human Services Case Management Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This video demonstrates how county agencies are using the case management functionality and receiving a 360 degree dashboard of active cases, stages of the cases, activities and share information across agencies to expedite applications, eligibility and service determinations.


Our professionals are knowledgeable about far more than technology. They’re experienced business and business process analysts who have helped hundreds of organizations streamline and redesign processes, increasing efficiency and adding to the bottom line.

If you’re challenged by your day-to-day case management operations, give RSM a call. We’d like to help you improve service delivery, and along with it, the lives of the people who depend on you for help.

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