Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful, general-purpose CRM system with all the functionality that most companies and organizations expect from a first-class CRM package. But packaged software is by nature generic, designed to include as much functionality as possible to meet the needs of the broadest set of potential customers as possible. In order to take full advantage of any general-purpose system, including Dynamics CRM, the user must tailor the functionality using tools provided to turn off functions that are not needed (and would just get in the way), adapt reports and screens to better fit user needs, and generally configure the system to the needs and likes of the organization. This is all part of the implementation process.

RSM takes this personalization process a giant step further with Accelerators, a package of products and services that takes basic personalization to a new level of adaptation for better results in your specific industry and market. An accelerator is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM template, provided by Microsoft, which initiates the customization process to fit the requirements of a specified market, a manufacturing company or nonprofit organization, for example. RSM adds to the customization to further refine those templates for more specifically defined user communities or functions–not just service providers, but specifically health and human services case management, for example.

And it doesn’t stop there. Accelerators also contain additional software that extends Dynamics CRM to provide additional functionality, all in the same bundle.

Accelerators are an important part of RSM implementation services and the SmartStart for Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation approach that gets your new Dynamics CRM system installed and working quickly and completely. Dynamics CRM, with RSM SmartStart for Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation and custom-built accelerators, training and consultation give your organization an enhanced Dynamics CRM system that can start making a difference sooner and grow with your organization as your needs and challenges grow

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