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RSM helps social services board leverage No Wrong Door policy


RSM helps social services board leverage No Wrong Door policy

The Camden County (N.J.) Board of Social Services manages the social services needs of the county residents, such as food stamps, welfare, emergency housing and employment services. The agency leveraged a mix of disparate databases designed to suit the needs of a specific department within the agency. No data sharing between the systems meant that the client was providing the same pieces of information to all the different departments.

So for instance, with a telephone change, the multiple systems had to be updated as the client talked to each caseworker. Managing information was a highly inefficient process for both applicants and employees.

Applicants were required to meet with multiple individuals, while employees were forced to jump between several databases on an individual case. The process didn’t work, and the agency needed a change. At the same time, the board was looking to move to the No Wrong Door policy. The systems were just not designed to make this methodology work effectively.

RSM US LLP helped Camden County develop a new, more efficient process, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 for case management (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and the No Wrong Door policy. RSM US LLP started by examining the existing processes and how the agency was looking to merge processes together. A fresh look at the overall client movement throughout the agency led to changes in how people, process, and systems could all be rethought to effectively implement the No Wrong Door policy.

The new strategy puts more power in the end user’s hands and increases visibility, while also greatly increasing convenience for constituents.

Embracing the No Wrong Door policy through Dynamics 365 for case management enables applicants to start at the same place, with information managed in a consistent, streamlined manner, regardless of case type. The solution also helps Camden County:

  • Eliminate silos of data across the agency
  • Grant user access to the data they need for their role
  • Adhere to security requirements within the department

View the video below to learn how RSM and Dynamics 365 for case management have helped the Camden County Board of Social Services implement No Wrong Door through the use of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Now, its case workers can better understand client needs and streamline cases to increase efficiency.

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