iMIS Modules

RSM consultants truly understand what you need from your resource management system. Our team has developed several mission-critical modules that help your team succeed by working closely with organizations like yours.

iXtend Applications

iMIS Customer Service Alerts
Empowers users with the information they need to improve customer service. Alerts show:

  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Status changes
  • Outstanding balances
  • Credit Holds
  • Unresolved issues

National Change of Address utility for iMIS
If you receive address changes through a National Change of Address provider, this utility is a must. This export and import .net utility features:

  • An easy export/import interface
  • Formats capitalizations properly
  • Follows standard iMIS practices for data modification
  • Allows for effective dates provided by NCOA provider
  • Accommodates Citrix environments

Credit Card Viewer
Does your accounting department need access to unencrypted credit card numbers? This utility allows a credit card lookup capability for staff who do not use iMIS on regular basis, or where the organization does not want to grant iMIS level 8 security rights. Typically, these are accounting department or customer service staff who need the unencrypted credit card number to perform certain tasks, (e.g., process refunds via a credit card account).

NEW! iPart Applications
Our team has recently developed several iPARTs for the new iMIS Web face. This is just another example of how we listen and help make your iMIS investment even more powerful.

  • Activity Editor iPart – Full featured access to activity through the staff- Web view
  • Relationships Editor iPart – Work with relationships through the staff- Web view
  • Multi-Instance User Defned Table iPart – Access multi-instance demographic data in the staff Web view, or edit multiple tables as a group on one page
  • File Upload iPart – Upload files and attachments to your Web server, not to your database

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