SOC 2 Type II Compliant Private Cloud Applications and Management

Dedicated, Cloud Computing and SaaS options with tested security

If you’re like most business leaders, you want to make smart decisions based on sound financial and operational information. You also want the assurance of knowing your data is secure and protected. Outsourcing your IT operations to a qualified hosting provider is a practical, cost-effective alternative to buying and implementing your own systems. You enjoy continuous access to the technology you need to run your business — without the risks, costs and time-consuming responsibilities associated with developing and maintaining your own IT infrastructure.


RSM is a full-service, SOC 2 Type II compliant private cloud provider. That means we offer all the services needed to fully support your IT applications, and in a highly secure environment. Our private cloud practice exceeds industry standards by taking every precaution, including disaster recovery planning and annual third-party security inspections. The RSM data center is located domestically and is protected from intrusion and failure by multilayered security, fail-safe redundancy, diversity measures and rapid response recovery measures.

In addition, our local consultants provide implementation support and any needed customizations. We can provide dedicated systems built to your specifications and devoted solely to your applications, or offer standard applications in a SaaS environment. RSM provides your organization with one point of contact for all of your private cloud support needs.

Private cloud services for Microsoft Dynamics

Our private cloud team partners with your organization to host your Microsoft Dynamics environment in the cloud – providing you with peace of mind, while simultaneously lowering your total cost of ownership.

RSM’s private cloud services can help your organization in a number of ways:

  • Small setup investment
  • Faster time to market
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Growth potential
  • Complete support

Microsoft Windows Server®, Microsoft SQL Server®, Microsoft Terminal Services® and Citrix™ are the key technologies at the core of our private cloud architecture. Centralized servers and applications enable users to maintain access from anywhere over a wide variety of connectivity options. Therefore, users experience less downtime and reduced staffing burdens. Our private cloud for Microsoft Dynamics offers the highest level of reliability and safety through redundant systems, redundant Internet connections, routine backups and comprehensive disaster recovery.

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