Should you move everything to the cloud, or continue to invest in your own data center platforms? That’s the question facing many organizations today. Neither option is perfect, but what if there were a third option? What if you could have all the benefits of the cloud and all the benefits of your own data center?

RSM HyperBox makes that possible

The RSM HyperBox is a self-contained, cloud-managed data center platform that is located in your facility. You don’t need to worry about setup, administration, or upkeep; it’s managed just like a cloud resource, but it sits in your server room. You also don’t need to worry about making huge capital expenditures— the RSM HyperBox is billed within a monthly, pay-for-what-you-use model.

Owning a traditional data center platform involves increasingly complex administration and upkeep, and it usually means major capital expenses every few years as hardware gets old or your organization outgrows it. And buying data center equipment is always a gamble; you’re either over-buying for a hard-to-predict future, or you face expensive expansion and upgrades.

The cloud has its own challenges. Not all workloads are easy to “lift and shift” to the cloud and not all organizations are ready to make a complete cloud transformation. What’s more, the cloud only works when you can get to it. Without access to redundant (and expensive) connections to the cloud, reliability suffers. And performance is rarely as good when your network communications have to travel hundreds of miles to get access to your systems and data.

Move to the cloud on your terms

Your current systems will effortlessly migrate to the RSM HyperBox. If you decide to move some (or all) workloads to public cloud resources later, the RSM HyperBox is the perfect launching point. With its tight integration with cloud management tools and direct links to RSM’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environment, the RSM HyperBox can make your cloud journey truly simple. The RSM HyperBox allows quick and easy movement of workloads from on-premises to the cloud and back. Run your workloads where they make the most sense to you.

What is RSM HyperBox?

So, what is this best-of-both-worlds solution? The RSM HyperBox is small, self-contained data center on wheels. It stands about two feet high and is designed to easily roll into your server room, back room, or any room with power and network access. The RSM HyperBox consists of a complete set of state-of-the-art data center components including:

  • High-performance computer nodes based on Intel processors
  • VMware vSphere hypervisor platform
  • Redundant solid-state flash primary storage
  • High-speed data center switching
  • VMware NSX software-defined networking
  • Backup environment based on Veeam software
  • Additional and separate storage platform for backup data
  • Cloud-based administration makes it easy to control virtual workloads or add new ones
  • Licenses for all your Windows servers

All of these components have been painstakingly selected and designed to work together to provide a highly stable platform with similar reliability to cloud resources or other enterprise-grade on-premises environments. This robust system is available in your facility without any of the usual cost, complexity, or worry.

Support for all tiers of your data center

The RSM HyperBox supports workloads across all four tiers of your data center footprint including:

  • On-premises: It provides an ideal data center platform for production workloads that are traditionally housed on large, expensive infrastructure.
  • Co-location: The RSM HyperBox is at home in a colocation facility providing the necessary resources to act as a primary or disaster recovery environment in a leased data center space.
  • Edge: With its small size, the RSM HyperBox is ideally suited for installation close to where your data is generated and gathered.
  • Cloud: The RSM HyperBox is a launching point for cloud resources. Move workloads in and out of the cloud and tap into elastic cloud storage as needed.

Two levels of backup

The RSM HyperBox is designed around protecting your data. In addition to the highly available enterprise-grade solid-state primary storage platform, the RSM HyperBox includes a second storage platform that serves as a backup repository. Backups are stored first as storage-based snapshots within the primary storage platform. These backups are extremely fast and allow restores (even entire environment restores) within seconds. The second backup level makes a copy of the production data onto the separate backup repository.

Backup data can also be sent to additional backup destinations:

  • RSM HyperBox-to-HyperBox replication is possible for a true disaster recovery design. A second RSM HyperBox is located in a secondary site or co-location facility for true off-site data protection.
  • The RSM HyperBox is designed for connectivity to optional cloud-based storage that can be used as a third, off-site backup tier. Optional cloud storage can be paired with warm compute resources to allow for fast fail-over in the event of a disaster.
  • Connectivity to an existing backup repository is also possible for storage of a third copy of data.

Take the RSM HyperBox further

Additional optional services are available for the RSM HyperBox to further extend its capabilities:

Micro-segmentation: Provide network segmentation between each and every virtual machine in the RSM HyperBox environment to greatly enhance security.

IaaS tenancy: Establish and maintain a presence in the cloud where virtual machines can readily be moved to and from the cloud as needs dictate.

Uninterruptable power supply: Add a battery-backed uninterruptable power supply to the RSM HyperBox to further increase uptime and reliability.

RSM managed services: Extend the already included monitoring and administration of the RSM HyperBox by also enabling managed services for the hosted virtual machines and any physical resources currently used in your environment.

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