Business Intelligence Rapid Assessment®

Simplify the assessment process to achieve quick, meaningful wins

Most organizations today are literally drowning in data. Yet, accessing the information they need to remain competitive and improve results can be difficult at best.

Information overload can lead to:

  • No one version of the truth—the same information yields different results
  • Inaccurate data
  • Data that can't be easily analyzed to improve decision making and financial operating results
  • Difficulty in arming the sales force with mobile analytics

Quickly assess your business intelligence needs
The next generation of business intelligence (BI) tools allows users to consolidate, search, visualize and analyze multiple data sources in an associative manner. At RSM, our professionals understand that today's knowledge is the foundation for answering tomorrow's questions, and a BI platform that can provide you with those answers is valuable and worth adopting.

Our Rapid Assessment® is a "quick-hit," diagnostic tool aimed at getting to the information you need easily and painlessly, because the last thing you want is to get mired in a long, drawn-out assessment process. At the end of our assessment, you receive a complete analysis and custom report, including components based on your organization's strategic priorities.

The RSM difference
Your business is unique…and so are we. RSM professionals are far more than technicians. We're business analysts and problem solvers who understand your business.

You need one version of the truth—RSM helps make it happen.

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