NetSuite Development and Integration

Integrating and customizing NetSuite to meet your unique needs

Cloud-based NetSuite is used by more than 20,000 organizations of all sizes and industries.

When you need it, RSM professionals help you integrate your NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with your existing applications and provide custom tailoring to address your organization's unique needs and processes.

Named a NetSuite Worldwide Partner of the Year for multiple years, RSM has the knowledge and experience to design and develop automation and integration solutions across the NetSuite platform, including:

General customization – Every client's needs are different, requiring:

  • Custom record types and fields
  • Role management, for areas including security
  • Form management for forms displayed within the system (transaction and entry forms) and for printed forms used externally

Script optimization – Scripts enable automation that's not available out of the box. If you've been up and running on NetSuite for some time, your scripts may need to be optimized to help your system run more quickly and efficiently. Our team makes performance improvement recommendations and optimizes all scripts, even re-architecting where necessary.

Adding new apps, processes and business rules using SuiteScript – SuiteScript is NetSuite's scripting solution, which RSM professionals use to write any kind of script for system add-ons or custom processes. SuiteScripts include:

  • Client – Real-time validation and automation of data entered through the user interface in the user's Web browser
  • User events – Custom validation, user-defined data integrity and business rules during load or save of records via the user interface, Web service transactions or comma-separated value (CSV) imports
  • Suitelets – Custom NetSuite pages for processes not available out of the box
  • RESTlets – Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture-based Web service end-points allow completely custom-integrated solutions
  • Scheduled – Bulk, asynchronous processing with on-demand or scheduling capabilities
  • Portlet – Custom dashboard content
  • Mass updates – Allows for actions not available through standard mass update capabilities
  • Workflow action – Custom workflow actions integrated into the standard SuiteFlow editor for custom business logic not available out of the box

Creating workflows using SuiteFlow – SuiteFlow is a click-not-code graphic interface our professionals use to create workflows that help you manage and streamline your business processes within NetSuite. For example, you could decide that any purchase order above $500 had to be approved by a supervisor. Using SuiteFlow, RSM professionals are able to build workflows more quickly and easily than writing complicated code.  

E-commerce sites – NetSuite offers the ability to add an e-commerce site on top of your NetSuite implementation. This feature eliminates the necessity of recreating your data in a separate system. Simply turn on NetSuite's e-commerce functionality, and with some customization to get it operating the way you want it to, you're in business. You decide if visitors have to log in to place orders or if they can register as a guest and still place orders, for example. Once you've made those types of decisions, our team works with you to make sure the website style accurately reflects your unique brand. We can also add on things, like a product review site or other configurations. It's up to you.

Integration using SuiteTalk or other tools – Pulling information out of NetSuite for an external application or putting information from the outside into NetSuite requires an integration tool. Most often, our professionals use SuiteTalk, NetSuite's Web-based service that enables cloud or on-premise systems to seamlessly integrate with NetSuite. It may be necessary, for instance, to integrate NetSuite with an existing payroll system, payment processing application or other system you don't want to abandon.

Why RSM?
RSM professionals have the NetSuite credentials and experience to get your system functioning at top efficiency and effectiveness.

We'll help you experience increased visibility into the information you need to run your business. Productivity will be enhanced. Best of all, you'll be using the full power of the NetSuite application to eliminate disparate systems as you increase functionality. 

Trust your NetSuite integration and customization work to an experienced NetSuite partner, who works with you all the way. Trust RSM―you'll be glad you did.

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