State and Local Tax Case Studies

From sales and use tax dysfunction to strategic opportunity

A case study describing one client’s transformation from a dysfunctional sales and use tax process to one that provides strategic value

Securing almost $9 million in sales tax refunds

Learn how a company secured almost $9 million in sales tax refunds and adapted its sales tax processes to avoid future overpayments.

Meeting broad sales and use tax needs through outsourcing

Discover how RSM helped one company improve its sales and use tax compliance following a series of major acquisitions.

Using automation to reduce sales tax assessments and refunds

Learn how a rapidly growing company reduced sales tax assessments and refunds by more than 90 percent through automation.

New tax leadership prompts sales and use tax function reset

A public financial institution asks RSM to take a close look at its sales and use tax function. As a result, numerous risks are mitigated.

Reverse income tax audit provides fresh start for global bakery

A global bakery was transitioning its U.S. tax department. A reverse income tax audit identifies industry-specific provision, cash refund opportunity.

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