Tax Planning and Compliance Services

RSM's tax planning and compliance service professionals have the experience and knowledge to help wealthy individuals and families mitigate their federal and state tax burdens and preserve assets for generations to come. Learn how we can help you manage tax exposure and create long-term savings through high net worth tax planning.

Services that cross borders

We recognize you may also face the challenges of managing assets and holdings across borders. Our international private client services advisors understand the multitude of tax considerations impacting inbound and outbound planning. Working with our colleagues in RSM International—a global network of firms in over 120 countries—we have the deep resources to develop multinational tax and estate planning strategies that meet your individual needs. Learn how we can help you with your multinational tax planning needs.

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Want to split up with your business partner?

In PLR 201930011, the Service rules that it is OK to “go your own way” without tax penalty in a textbook split-up.


IRS issues notice letters to individuals with digital asset activity

The IRS has begun sending over 10,000 letters to certain taxpayers advising them to report virtual currency transactions.


U.S. Supreme Court denies Fielding petition after Kaestner

High court allows Minnesota Supreme Court decision finding so-called “grantor-domicile” rule unconstitutional to stand.


U.S. Supreme Court finds in-state beneficiary inadequate for trust tax

Highly-anticipated trust taxation case considers whether a state can tax a trust based on the residency of a beneficiary.


Final regulations address taxation of ESBTs with nonresident aliens

Rules clarify how S corporation income allocated to an ESBT will be taxed when a trust beneficiary is a nonresident alien.

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