Individual income tax planning

RSM's private client professionals have the experience and knowledge to help business owners, wealthy individuals and families mitigate their federal, state and international tax burdens and preserve assets for generations to come. Learn how we can help you manage tax exposure and create long-term savings through high net worth tax planning:

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Planning strategies to manage your tax impact

Working closely with you, we will guide you through the range of tax planning options and help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. With this understanding, you can make informed decisions that reflect your individual wealth planning objectives for today and tomorrow. Key focus areas include:

  • Determining the proper structure for making investments through family partnerships, trusts and individual ownership to minimize income and estate tax
  • Estimating the tax impact of executive compensation programs, including deferred compensation plans
  • Reviewing charitable gifts to maximize potential tax benefits
  • Evaluating the overall tax impact on investment decisions and complicated investment opportunities
  • Examining the creation of trusts and similar vehicles to accomplish planning objectives
  • Tracking the basis of investments
  • Assisting with tax disputes and controversies

Business owners and pass-through considerations

It is critical that you understand not only how tax law affects your business, but more importantly how it affects you. RSM’s private client professionals have a long history of working with entrepreneurs and families who own operating businesses through pass-through entities. Our team takes a holistic view of your entire financial picture and the tax concerns that can affect you and your family, focusing not just on short-term concerns like impending tax legislation, but also on long-term goals. Key focus areas include:

  • Understanding the ownership group’s vision
  • Entity selection and strategic planning
  • Evaluating the overall tax impact on investment decisions and complicated investment opportunities
  • Determining the preferred structure for making investments through family partnerships, trusts and individual ownership to minimize income tax, while considering the relevant estate planning aspects

Services that cross borders

We recognize you may also face the challenges of managing assets and holdings across borders. Our international private client services advisors understand the multitude of tax considerations that affect inbound and outbound planning. Working with our colleagues in RSM International—a global network of firms in over 120 countries—we have the deep resources to develop multinational tax and estate planning strategies that meet your individual needs. Learn how we can help you with your multinational tax planning needs. Key focus areas include:

  • Inbound
    • Pre-immigration and residency planning
    • Tax structure and choice of entity
    • Foreign reporting and compliance
    • Trust planning and management
    • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Outbound
    • Non-U.S. investment planning, reporting and consulting
    • Foreign tax credit and anti-deferral rules
    • Expatriate guidance