FamilySight dashboard technology

FamilySight: An end-to-end view of your family office

Comprehensive dashboard technology integrates data in real time

Family offices pull their multigenerational goals within reach when they put their data to use. Real-time, integrated data enables family members and office staffers to focus on strategic planning because they can see the full picture.

RSM has developed FamilySight, a cloud-based technology solution that provides family offices with a comprehensive, critical data and analytics across business and personal enterprise structures. FamilySight’s modern architecture gives clients full visibility into their enterprise and presents it on a customized dashboard that enables stakeholders to focus on strategic business decisions. With technology scaled to match the complexity of your family office, FamilySight helps manage a comprehensive list of operational components, including:

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  • Portfolio management
  • Tax compliance
  • Finance and accounting
  • IT and cybersecurity
  • Project management
  • Valuation services
  • Secure document exchange 
  • Advisory collaboration

Learn how FamilySight uses data to enhance decision-making and create an ecosystem that serves all family office executives, stakeholders and advisors.

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