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A brief introduction to excise tax credits for alternative fuels


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Businesses are subject to excise taxes on fuels, though tax credits are often available for the excise tax paid on alternative fuels, including biodiesel, ethanol, propane and other alternative fuel mixtures. Some credits may exceed the excise tax paid, resulting in a net subsidy for alternative fuels. There are also opportunities to elect to apply these credits against income tax in lieu of excise tax. Many companies are unaware of these credits, making a refund analysis a potentially lucrative opportunity.

In this 22-minute presentation, Justin Silva and Tom Windram briefly explain the tax treatment of alternative fuels, how to claim the various credits available and how the examination of your alternative fuel tax calculation process may create tax reduction opportunities.

Learn more about how RSM's tax credit specialists can help you effectively manage your alternative fuel taxes.


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CFOs, tax directors and controllers of companies that produce, sell or use alternative fuels

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