Excise Tax Incentives

Companies in specific industries face the challenge of managing excise tax exposure without passing up not missing available exemptions and credits. Many federal excise taxes have complex compliance requirements. Certain exemptions are only available if registration requirements are met and specific documentation is maintained. Many credits and exemptions require a detailed analysis of distribution chains and tracking of item sales. Experience matters.

RSM provides excise tax consulting to help companies identify and control excise tax expense. We can assess the impact of the following excise taxes and help you reduce audit exposure and identify potential exemption or credit refund opportunities:

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Managing excise taxes: Insights for multiple industries


Managing excise taxes: Insights for multiple industries

RSM excise tax specialists discuss important excise tax planning strategies in this on-demand webcast series.

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IRS proposed regulations on truck, tractor and trailer excise taxes

Proposed regulations address admin changes and court decisions for excise taxes imposed on highway trucks, tractors, trailers and tires.


Communications provider not allowed refund for excise taxes collected

Collector of excise tax is not entitled to a credit or refund unless it can prove it repaid the tax to its customer or received customer consent.


Claiming biodiesel and alternative fuels excise tax credits for 2015

Notice 2016-05 provides rules for making claims for the retroactively extended 2015 biodiesel mixture and alternative fuels excise tax credits.


What do electronics importers need to know about the ODC excise tax?

Importers of electronics must understand their responsibilities surrounding the excise tax on ozone-depleting chemicals.

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