Key Credits and Incentives Professionals

Our credits and incentives specialists possess deep knowledge and experience across a wide range of credit and incentive programs. We will bring together the right team of professionals to address your business needs.

Capital investment incentives
Rob Calafell
Sherri York
Debbie Singer
Murat Tasel
Brad Westrum
Jason Belbot
Chris Atwell
Kevin Mowatt
Dan McGrath
John Lincoln

Domestic production activities deduction 

Tom Windram
Danielle Kaufman

Energy credits and incentives
Tom Windram
Paul Nadin 
John Varner

Excise taxes 
Trina Pinneau
Eric Perez
Dave Fonda
Tom Windram

Historic building rehabilitation credit 
Ron DeGrandis
Paul Nadin

Jobs tax credits
Mark Blawas
Tom Blaze
Maria Assalone
Rob Calafell
Kevin Foral

Family and Medical Leave Credit
John Davitt
Tom Windram 

Low Income Housing Tax Credit
Jim Beal
Craig Mason

Meals and entertainment deductions
Chris Eckert
Tom Windram

New Markets Tax Credit
Paul Nadin
Debbie Singer

Research and Development Tax Credit
Tom Windram
Nick Avakian
Jim Cronauer
Dana Jackson
Alyssa Honnette
Mike Hiromoto
Tom Peyvich
Rory Bertiglia
Carl Giordino
Danielle Kaufman
Ashley Zega

Property Tax Incentives 
Debbie Singer

Qualified Opportunity Zones 
Tom Windram
Craig Mason
Ron DeGrandis
Nancy Wakefield
Katya Romig
Richard Gabaldon
Kristi Gibson


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