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Realize the value of investing in hiring, retaining and training

Jobs matter. Governments at all levels offer incentives to companies to keep their workforces in place, hire new employees, and train their people on the skills needed for a better future. Whether you're planning on adding jobs to an existing facility, opening a new operation or moving to a new location, RSM can help you explore the full range of credits and incentives available. Key opportunities include:

Job tax credits

Nearly every jurisdiction provides job tax credits to encourage employers to create new jobs or retain existing employees. A strong workforce incentive management process will make it easier for you to identify qualifying employees and hires in the states where you do business, as well as weigh the benefits of expanding into different locations.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal income tax for employers that hire individuals from specified target populations, including veterans, ex-felons, summer youth, members of designated assistance programs, and others. We can design a seamless, confidential analysis into your hiring process to ensure you receive the credits you are due.

Empowerment zone credits

Many states and the federal government offer empowerment zone credit opportunities to reward companies that offer jobs in distressed areas. The specific rules vary by jurisdiction and benefits are sometimes tiered, with higher incentives offered for investments in more severely distressed communities. Understanding these credits and how they work together can lead to significant long-term benefits for your business.

Workforce training credits and incentives

Like most businesses, you likely engage in some level of workforce and professional development, but are you taking advantage of the programs available to offset those costs? Many companies are not. We can identify existing and proposed training activities that may qualify for incentives to help you make the strategic decisions that can improve your return on your people investment.

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IRS directive provides relief for delays in WOTC certifications

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