Supply Chain Strategy

Empower your business with a comprehensive supply chain strategy

Through a comprehensive supply chain strategy, RSM can help you analyze and adjust your company’s processes to increase effectiveness and face challenges. With an end-to-end comprehensive approach, your company can drive better service, boost customer experience and strengthen its overall success. Adjusting key operational elements can help control costs and boost your business, regardless of the effects of outside factors.

To elevate your company’s supply chain strategy, RSM can provide:

  • E-commerce channel optimization: With a rapid deployment objective, we focus on a scalable solution to directly ship to e-commerce fulfillment centers. Whether you are just breaking into e-commerce or are looking for opportunities to improve your existing e-commerce presence, RSM can guide you and your team through requirements such as packaging and service levels by fulfillment models.
  • SKU rationalization and inventory profile: We guide your company through SKU portfolio decisions to improve working capital, enhance planning and reduce operational complexity. This analysis focuses on refining your product mix and establishing product life cycle management practices.
  • Operational assessment: Our team will determine the level of optimization at each stage of your current supply chain, from sourcing raw materials through customer fulfillment. Our assessments include process, facility, technology and organizational reviews.
  • Operating model definition and transformation: To support an organizational strategy, we help you establish scalability in facilities, equipment, personnel and an overall operating model.
  • Channel distribution strategy: Our experienced professionals evaluate your company’s end-to-end flow of information, products and use of assets through multiple sales channels to identify opportunities for improvement in areas such as product cost, working capital, speed to market and service levels.
  • Network optimization: Our consultants evaluate opportunities from relocation of production and distribution facilities to meeting various strategic objectives. This can include leveraging internal or third-party providers to optimize costs, handling, service levels and delivery efficiency.

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