Human Capital Technology

Implementing holistic, integrated solutions from hire to retire

Utilizing technology can result in next-level productivity and efficiency for your company’s human capital. RSM can help you navigate the ever-evolving digital world to find impactful solutions that can help your company automate manual processes and reduce costs. Our human capital technology services include:

Human resources information system

A true human resources information system (HRIS) enables your organization to have crisp, clean data, eliminates manual processes, notices potential new efficiencies and allows your HR resources to be strategic. Many companies operate disparate HR processes and systems that do not talk to each other, and there is no single source of information, and all too often, inconsistent data. The data is what tells the story of your employees and your company. If you do not have a centralized, integrated system that enables you to truly understand your employee population, hiring trends and turnover, you may have difficulty articulating and interpreting your data and making effective employee-related decisions.

RSM’s experienced advisors can help your organization evaluate your existing HRIS system or help understand how a solution can align with your business goals and manage an implementation. Specific service that we provide include:

  • HRIS assessments: We look at your current HRIS technologies and determine how you can optimize your platform, or consider how new technology can enhance your HR environment.
  • HRIS process improvement and transformation: We can provide the project management work during an HRIS integration, managing the vendor and how it works together with your organization. We develop a detailed process and project plan with each of the tasks that need to be completed for a successful implementation of your selected solution. 

How can we help you?

We are system agnostic when we make recommendations to your company. We are not tied to any specific solution—instead we are experienced with nearly a dozen HRIS systems, matching their strengths and capabilities to your business goals. In addition, we leverage the insight and knowledge of our technology and digital team to align solutions to choose the right solution for the maturity of your organization.

Payroll solutions

Payroll is a key part of a core HR function or core HRIS system, calculating, managing and distributing payment to employees. While it may seem like a straightforward process, your payroll function must be reliable, and payments that use multiple structures can increase complexity. In addition, many rules and regulations are directly related to payroll, and you must ensure that your structure is efficient, accurate and compliant.

At RSM, we do not administer payroll, but we help you implement the most beneficial solutions for the maturity, size and objectives of your HR department. Our team understands how finance and HR need to come together and how technology needs to work to successfully execute on payroll.

We can assess and optimize your current payroll systems or help you select and implement a new, more effective platform. When conducting an assessment, we understand how your company’s size, maturity level and industry can play a critical role in your payroll decisions. We do not just push solutions; instead, we facilitate discussions, listen to your needs and use our perspective to develop an advantageous solution.

Not all payroll systems are one-size-fits-all. The RSM team has deep partnerships and experience with several vendors, and we understand how to ensure a solution can align with your needs or where necessary customizations can be made. Our advisors have years of experience as practitioners, running payroll systems and managing successful implementations, and we bring that unique insight to your payroll project.

Recruiting solutions

Many people look at recruiting and think that it has to be linked to a HRIS—however, that is not always the case. Two significant elements of recruiting are your company’s maturity and the volume metrics of your necessary hiring practices. A holistic HRIS may work for your needs, but in many cases, a less-expensive standalone recruiting system or applicant tracking system (ATS) is a more effective solution—especially for a global organization.

At RSM, we possess more than just HR experience; we bring real-world recruiting experience to each of our engagements. The two disciplines differ significantly, and the technologies and strategies for success are also very different.

More than half of our team came from recruiting positions, and we truly understand how to get the most out of recruiting, ATS and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and how to develop quality talent pipelines and talent pools. We know how to build effective recruiting solutions, often without the expense of an HRIS.

When considering a recruiting platform, you must have your practices documented, and you should have three main considerations:

  • The candidate experience: What does it look like when a candidate is trying to fill out an application, complete a background check or submit references?
  • Compliance: You must understand the necessary information that you need to capture and report, from feedback to assessments.
  • Key metrics: What is your time to fill?  What is your ability to get candidates to apply to your career site versus where you may have contracts?

In addition, with virtual recruiting becoming more popular and necessary in some cases, your system must be able to manage these activities as well as in-person interactions and collect the necessary data.

HR automation

The use of automation is permeating almost every area of the business, and is now making waves within human resources. An effective automation approach can bring more efficiency and accuracy to previously manual tasks, enabling employees to focus on more strategic pursuits.

RSM is a leader in automation solutions, and we have translated that experience into developing effective HR solutions. For example, our team can build a bot that can manage your onboarding process more efficiently or manage key knockout questions in recruiting. Performance management is another area where automation is beneficial, with a potential bot compiling data about top employees to leverage in succession planning.

The right automation solution can leverage business intelligence, artificial intelligence, human capital and HRIS. Many areas have a part to play, and the RSM team has the experience and insight to link all of those sources. Instead of directing you toward a predetermined automation solution, we develop and tailor an automation approach for your specific needs.

When you work with RSM, you can rest assured that we understand your challenges and have your best interests in mind. Our advisors have all come from the HR field, and we understand how technology needs to integrate into your business processes and the people and skill sets you need to be successful.