Human Resources Support Services

Insight and advice to help guide your key HR initiatives

Human resources (HR) may be the most important function of a middle market organization, managing the hiring, compensation and management of personnel. With the responsibility for the composition of the talent within the company, human resources personnel must have the proper experience with processes and insight into emerging trends. In many cases, organizations can benefit from additional advice and support to utilize HR as a strategic advantage.

RSM’s HR support advisors provide organizations of all sizes with proven, targeted services that enhance and optimize the function. We can bring stability and consistency to HR, giving you confidence that the company is managing personnel effectively. The solutions we provide include:

HR strategy and leadership: We can provide oversight of your strategic HR initiatives, with fractional on-site or virtual management and oversight of day-to-day activities. This often includes participating in meetings with leadership, and assisting in developing strategy and plans for tactical execution.

HR action planning: Our team can prioritize your initiatives, coordinate the appropriate internal resources for projects and assist in the completion of those tactical activities. We can provide support across all functional areas of HR, including talent acquisition, talent management, compensation and benefits, onboarding and offboarding.

Payroll operations optimization: While we do not provide payroll processing, we can oversee and make improvements and efficiencies in your payroll operations.

Total rewards advisory: We can help you manage your compensation and benefits packages, ensuring that you are in line with peer organizations and compliant with any applicable regulatory guidelines.

Human resources outsourcing: If you need supplemental HR resources, we can come in on a retained, fractional or individual project basis and manage the execution of specific projects or act as an outsourced HR manager.

Special project management: In some complex projects, such as compliance projects or investigations, our team can work directly with executive management when such projects are beyond the capacity of the HR team or where HR may not be in a position to be impartial.

Leadership support: You may have an emerging HR leader, without experience in some specific areas. Our advisors can act as a thought partner, providing that new leader with mentorship, guidance and help prioritizing and executing projects.

How can we help you?

Every client is different, so our HR support services are flexible. Some clients have an extensive HR department, but there are things they don’t do well, and they feel better if they are done by an objective provider. For some other companies, we deliver management training and skill support. Regardless of the assistance you need, we provide an impartial perspective and a high level of credibility in how we deliver service and help you do more with less.

When you work with RSM, the people that lead your projects are all former industry professionals, experienced in managing your unique issues and proficient in HR technology systems. Our teams have worked within a myriad of different ownership structures, from publicly traded organizations to family owned or Employee Stock Option Plan -owned businesses. We understand your HR challenges and have significant experience with developing proven solutions to meet your needs.