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Successfully vetting forensics firms

Key considerations when selecting a forensics provider


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Data security is a growing concern for organizations, and the need for qualified forensics resources in investigations or legal proceedings has never been more critical. Finding the right fit for your organization is difficult as the market becomes crowded with providers rushing to address a developing need. Many are reputable, qualified resources, but others are new to forensics and might not provide the necessary skills and experience you require.

A case can be severely damaged due to improper vetting of a forensics firm or individual expert, and there is no going back to square one. This is a key process up front, and cutting corners can cost you more in the end. For example, an unqualified firm may underestimate the scope of the work or perform it inadequately, and the actual costs can be much higher and the timeframe for delivering results can be stretched beyond your deadlines. An experienced, qualified firm can set realistic expectations and timelines at the onset, and dramatically reduce the potential for errors, unexpected costs or increased timelines.

You must know how to choose the right resources for your needs, and your approach can be the determining factor in winning a court case.

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