Telecommunications industry trends and issues

RSM understands the trends and issues in the telecommunications industry because we do telecom, helping companies build out their voice and data networks with the ever-increasing needs of the digital era. Telecom businesses are investing heavily in infrastructure, supporting increased network usage and mapping sustainable paths for growth. Whether your company is adapting to the nationwide expansion of 5G coverage or navigating regulatory hurdles, our professionals can provide insights and services to help your business thrive.

Our firm provides consulting, audit and tax services to companies in the telecommunications industry including cellphone manufacturers, cell tower companies and satellite companies. RSM professionals provide a range of insights to position business leaders for success.

Telecommunications industry trends and issues

Does your business prioritize security? The growth of 5G networks will allow smart devices to become increasingly interconnected. This brings new urgency around privacy, security and safeguarding consumer information. Companies need to be proactive in guarding against data breaches and cyberattacks, which can erode customer trust and reduce sales.

Is your infrastructure up to date? Companies are investing heavily in the infrastructure needed to support 5G, and this endeavor will require ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Telecom businesses should anticipate and plan for future infrastructure capacity needs.

How seamless is your connectivity?  Superior connectivity is more crucial than ever before as more Americans have shifted to remote work, consumers are using virtual platforms to stay in touch with loved ones and the use of telehealth has surged. Providing superior connectivity will be crucial for telecom companies that want to lead in the middle market. 

Are you keeping pace with regulatory changes? U.S. telecom companies continuously need to ensure compliance with domestic regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act. Businesses with operations abroad also need to navigate the EU's General Data Protection Regulation provisions and other global regulatory requirements. 

How are you using SD-WAN technology? Software-defined wide area networks, known as SD-WAN, have been a key technology focus for telecom companies in recent years. This solution allows a company to compute in a highly reliable infrastructure and easily scale as demands change. Businesses should evaluate how they can take advantage of these networks to ensure the network is not limiting productivity or negatively affecting revenue.

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