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From mobile banking to the mobile bank

Making the leap from app to strategy


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If you still think that mobile banking is just a technical tool used to offer your customers the same services you've always offered, then you are missing out on the real promise of this service channel.

This white paper explains how financial institutions can redefine their relationships with their customers. Through evolving tools like the digital wallet, banks can help their customers understand and manage their finances in ways never before possible. Using these tools, banks can position themselves as the foundation of their customers' financial lives. They can use the trust and access that new relationship gives them to expand and solidify customer relationships in exciting and profitable new ways.

To do that, banks must grasp the scope of the migration to mobile banking services across their whole customer spectrum. They have to understand that the current service sets the bar for mobile banking offerings – and the emerging tools that successful banks will use to separate themselves from the pack.

From security issues to the digital wallet to the special needs of small businesses, this white paper offers vital insights into one of the most important challenges – and most significant opportunities – facing banks today.





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