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Traceability requirements up and down the industry supply chain are substantial and here to stay, but there are significant benefits to be gained beyond greater tracking, visibility and compliance with regulatory, industry and vendor mandates.

The implications and ramifications of traceability requirements exist for producers and manufacturers throughout the food and beverage industry—from produce and grains, to meats, seafood and dairy. While many aspects of traceability overlap among these subvertical industries, this white paper focuses on the produce industry, using it as the lens through which we examine both the potential costs and competitive benefits these requirements bring with them.

In a landscape characterized by fierce competition, razor thin margins and stringent food safety and traceability requirements, leaders in the produce industry are increasingly seeking means to improve efficiency, reduce costs, maximize profit and improve brand loyalty. Addressing challenges that range from near-immediate inventory turn times for highly perishable products to increasing expectations of safer and healthier products from customers and consumers, virtually every stakeholder in the produce supply chain is faced with critical decisions around inventory management, customer demands, traceability and how to improve the bottom line along the way.

While some organizations view rising traceability requirements merely as burdensome overhead, others are successfully leveraging the improved efficiencies and transparency that come with improved traceability to gain and maintain a distinct competitive advantage. Against this dynamic backdrop, this white paper provides produce industry executives insight into the role enterprise wide visibility, automation and mobile communications play in addressing produce-specific traceability requirements, industry standards and changing consumer demands.

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