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Harnessing technology and KPIs in food and beverage


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In a food and beverage (F&B) landscape characterized by mounting competitive pressures, shrinking margins, dynamic complexity and a range of factors beyond their control, manufacturers and suppliers at the forefront of the industry are blazing new frontiers to differentiate themselves—both to their retail audiences and to individual consumers. Responding to these pressures, leaders in both groups are positioning themselves to take increasing advantage of rapidly evolving technologies and consumer trends to drive higher profits through increased retailer recruitment and customer engagement.

This white paper examines the topic of differentiation in the F&B marketplace primarily through the lens of C-suite executives—first looking at the critical topic of retailer recruitment, and how available technologies and key performance indicators (KPI) related to “perfect order fulfillment” are being maximized to make companies more attractive to retailers, ultimately providing a greater competitive advantage and profit. We also examine one of the newest and most promising areas industry leaders are using to differentiate themselves and drive profit—customer engagement. Here again, the focus is on the use of new and emerging technologies and strategies to maximize the profits to be gained when manufacturers and suppliers are able to speak to and engage directly with consumers.

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