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This scenario may sound familiar: Your executive team finally has the dashboards they’ve been clamoring about. Now they have instantaneous access to all the critical operational metrics they need, right? And they’re all centralized in one place, in a way that allows them to assess key performance indicator (KPI) data on the fly and in real time. It seems almost magic—the dashboards are flashy and engaging, with colors emphasizing key data points, and charts and graphs created and populated with real-time numbers from your systems. And yet, how certain are you that the KPIs in your dashboards will actually enable you to take actions that drive revenue, increase profitability or achieve other goals your business has?

The answer to that question may largely depend on whether or not your business put the foundational systems it needs in place before those KPIs were selected and dashboards were created. This underlying set of requirements and software is the piece of the equation that will determine whether your business is ultimately able to use KPIs to make the proactive and strategic decisions that will drive your business in the direction you want it to go—and yet, it’s this piece of the puzzle that’s rarely spoken of in the same breath as KPI or dashboard.

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