NetSuite SuiteCommerce SEO and digital marketing

Our team of experienced NetSuite consultants can help you quickly improve your website’s organic rankings and search results. Use our recommendations to help optimize sales conversion and third-party marketing and analytics.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce SEO and digital marketing

Let us help you get discovered

The experienced NetSuite consultants at RSM all share an important priority: understanding your business. When it comes to your web presence and SEO, we’re dedicated to helping you increase the likelihood of being found by your target audiences.

In fact, one of our most important initial steps is to complete a live review of your site with you. During this one-hour discussion, we’ll review your SEO, paid search, website conversion and other digital marketing strategies to identify gaps and make recommendations for fixing them—free of charge.

How we get your site in shape

Here’s a sampling of the best practices our NetSuite consultants apply to your website to help you stand out in a crowded market:

  • Optimize site performance—If your site uses NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA), SuiteScript server page applications produce the HTML code that gets rendered for each new webpage URL.
  • Configure meta and micro tags—NetSuite continually adds micro tag configurations to the SCA platform. Incorrect configuration can deliver meta tag output for the user, but a web crawling spider may view all of your content as one homogenous page.
  • Configure facet pages correctly—Facet search pages are used to filter current products and make it easier for customers to find exactly what they need on your site. 
  • Optimize customer conversions—This varies widely by customer and depends on the shopper interaction and response time. If underlying SuiteScripts aren’t optimized, longer page load times may adversely affect visitor responses and page click-throughs.
  • Troubleshoot SEO implementation—The SEO page generator comes with a built-in function that allows you to troubleshoot the NetSuite implementation. It’s important to ensure that search engine spiders and bots effectively crawl your site to retrieve all the information they need for each listed product. 
  • Optimize user reviews—Search engines love original content, so adding user reviews to your pages helps you twice—first by getting your page found, then by converting your visitors to buyers. You can pull reviews from multiple sources,  including visitor comments.
  • Configure Google and Bing tools—NetSuite has a host of built-in filters, most of which are used to help your customers find exactly what they want. We’ll help you ensure that query strings for Google and Bing are correct, and that your canonical tags are set up properly to avoid duplicate indexing. 
  • Correct 404s pre-and post-launch—We can help you apply a proactive redirect strategy obtaining all indexed links ahead of time. We can also help clean up HTTP 404 “page not found” errors.

SEO and other support for SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

We can help your site visitors discover products more easily by applying leading techniques to strengthen your e-commerce efforts via SuiteCommerce Advanced

Utilize single-page application architecture

The NetSuite SCA web store operates as a single-page app. This architecture is at the cutting edge of web development and drives a more seamless user experience, especially for mobile device visitors.

Correctly implement the SEO engine configuration

NetSuite has incorporated many SEO best practices into NetSuite SCA. Many of these are instituted under an all-encompassing NetSuite SEO engine. 

Create and manage product listings—even custom feeds

Product listings—or feeds—are always changing, so we offer clients support for ongoing updates. Site configurations can maintain robust feeds while executing shopper tests to see which colors, photos or words draw responses.


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