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The RSM Technology Academy provides live on-site, e-learning, classroom and live online delivery for learner flexibility, while custom or standard courses ensure your learning objectives are met.

RSM Technology Academy

Maximizing your investment in technology requires an investment in your people, not just in your technology.

At the RSM Technology Academy, we believe to be truly successful, a company cannot purchase an enterprise resource planning system and call it a day. Just like a train can’t run without its conductor, an ERP needs a committed and knowledgeable team in order to be effective.

Education is instrumental in helping people take ownership of their success through greater efficiency and productivity. At the RSM Technology Academy, we understand that learning new technologies can be a daunting task. To ease the process, we have developed a wide variety of programs offering standard and customized training to best suit your organization’s needs.

Each student we connect with will be empowered to take ownership of their technology investment. Our certified trainers will share their experience and insight with students, giving them the confidence and skills required to be successful. We offer a variety of training formats and flexible scheduling options to help you increase the knowledge of your people and maximize your technology investment.

ERP training package

Because we understand the complexities that come with an ERP implementation or upgrade, we’ve developed training for this specific function. The RSM Technology Academy ERP training package consists of three phases: ramp-up, readiness and sustained learning.

We also understand that each of our clients has unique needs—which is why we offer our training packages a la carte, as well as in customized or standard options.

Choose a training option—or multiple options—that fit your business.

This format allows users to take courses online at their own pace. Each e-learning module is created by one of our certified instructors and includes multiple learning tools, such as quizzes, walk-throughs and hands-on activities. With no travel necessary and the convenience of completing training on a user’s own schedule, this method is the most cost-effective and allows for an unlimited number of participants. The RSM Technology Academy has a growing library of courses available for purchase or on a subscription basis.

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RSM is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Our Microsoft-certified professionals have met the highest technological standards. We combine deep knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 applications with extensive industry experience to create client-specific customized solutions.

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