Has your BlackLine software implementation met your automation goals?

Leverage BlackLine fully to reveal automation opportunities

Were you expecting more efficiency after implementing BlackLine’s financial close solution? Are you unsure what to do next? You are not alone, and RSM US LLP’s close automation services can help.   

By unlocking the full potential of BlackLine’s capabilities, your company can truly automate your most inefficient processes. RSM’s proven approach helps you quickly identify and prioritize activities where the return on investment for automation makes sense. After implementation of our automation solutions in manageable steps, your company can begin to navigate overwhelming digital transformation efforts and achieve expedited value through automated activities.

RSM’s BlackLine implementation advisors deliver tailored solutions that leverage best practices to maximize your investment in BlackLine. We can help address your challenges, including:

  • Lack of insights due to information overload
  • Repetitive and mundane processes

Our BlackLine close automation services deliver results

In one engagement, the team evaluated 25 accounts and achieved the following results:

  • 32% were identified as transaction matching use cases, saving time by eliminating manual ticking and tying 
  • 68% were identified as use cases for automated journal definitions, streamlining the journal creation process

In another: 

  • Over 7,000 manual entries were eliminated by using automated journal entries in BlackLine 

RSM’s close automation services include:

Ideation and road map

RSM will lead a series of workshops to identify cumbersome, manual close activities that can be automated and work with leadership to prioritize them based on value. 

Timeline: 1­−2 weeks


RSM’s BlackLine advisors will architect a detailed solution to maximize automation of the prioritized activities.

Timeline: 1­−2 weeks


RSM can bring the design(s) to life by configuring the BlackLine solution while enabling end users on usage and best practices.

Timeline: 2­−6 weeks

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