Restructuring and bankruptcy

From turnaround to liquidation, RSM provides you with complete restructuring and bankruptcy services

From restructuring to recovery

When economic conditions change, organizations may be forced to respond to liquidity constraints and operational challenges with a restructuring or even a bankruptcy filing. This will likely be a first-time event for the organization, and its leaders will seek a way to help it recover and thrive. They will need a trusted advisor who understands their business and can provide the options along with the pros and cons of each. 

RSM is that advisor. We have demonstrated experience in restructuring, turnaround and business transformation, corporate recovery, bankruptcy, and reorganization, and can assist with related litigation proceedings in a wide range of industries and situations. We’ll assess your liquidity situation and collaborate with you on the best path forward. Relevant topics that we will address include:

  • Cash and liquidity needs

  • Access to capital (debt, equity, etc.).  

  • Implementation of cost savings strategies

  • Ability to make rent or vendor payments

  • Ability to collect receivables

  • Impairment of the business and core assets 

  • Long-term viability or going concern

Our knowledge, experience, and cost-effective methods enable us to be efficient, flexible, and timely in order to deliver and implement a plan tailored to your unique circumstances. We help you evaluate all your strategic options—from business transformation, turnarounds and workouts to bankruptcy and restructurings through to recovery and emergence.

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