How powerful are the insights derived from advanced analytics?

RSM’s guide to advanced data analytics and business intelligence

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Increase productivity and build resilience for turbulent times utilizing business intelligence systems, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Business intelligence explains why something happened in the past. BI typically uses queries and reports on structured data to analyze what has already occurred so you can see unfavorable patterns and adjust to optimize current operations and make better decisions in the present.

Advanced data analytics, on the other hand, explain why something is happening in the present and illuminate future ramifications if the trend continues. ADA analyzes structured and unstructured data using sophisticated modeling techniques capable of handling multiple variables and hypotheses to predict future events. ADA methods, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive modeling, allow companies to look into the future for insights and trends to maximize their performance and manage costs.

Here are a few real-life business use cases for advanced data analytics:

  • New product and services development, proactive predictive maintenance
  • To refine customer segmentation and channel distribution
  • Automated security detection and prevention
  • Intelligent forecasting
  • Agile siting and capacity planning
  • Risk management and compliance – quickly identifying, quantifying, and managing
  • Tax data analytics and reporting to provide valuable business insights


Explore and guide your future: RSM’s guide to advanced data analytics to learn how technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are helping companies uncover insights and trends that improve customer experiences, deepen relationships and open myriad possibilities for innovation and risk management from deep within their data. Maximizing operational efficiency and gaining a competitive edge have never been more important than in today’s volatile business environment.

Our guide provides insights and case studies into the power of advanced data analytics across several industries. It offers specific guidance on how analytics enhances the cash collection process using predictive invoicing solutions from RSM's business intelligence and advanced analytics consulting.

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