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Disasters happen. When they do, companies preparing business interruption insurance claims are often unfamiliar with the requirements, analysis and support needed to justify them. That’s because the development of a business interruption claim goes beyond normal financial and accounting analysis: it requires specialized skills. To assist in quantifying loss around business interruptions or damaged assets, middle market organizations need a provider with market and industry knowledge, access to public and private data and the skill to knit the data together.

RSM’s extensive work on behalf of—and in conjunction with—insurance carriers enables us to understand their issues, concerns, and language. In turn, this helps us support you in establishing damages, communicating the basis for calculations, and providing carriers with the support they need to resolve your covered claim quickly. Our teams have cross-functional experience in financial investigations, valuation, and insurance claims across a variety of key industries. With RSM’s complement of specialized skills, we assemble project teams with a blend of knowledge tailored to the complex requirements of each investigation.

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