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It’s often a company’s worst nightmare: A suspicious accounting entry, financial impropriety, or  tip from whistleblower surfaces and causes calamity, disturbing daily operations. With fraud schemes becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect and prevent, middle market companies are learning that, once misconduct is detected, it can quickly damage hard-earned relationships and reputations. 

RSM's forensic accounting and investigation professionals have the skills and experience to unravel even the most intricate financial schemes. Whether solving a complex financial accounting problem, unraveling misappropriated funds, navigating a nefarious bribery scheme, or guiding your organization through an international fraud investigation, we use the most effective approaches to investigate, identify and evaluate financial improprieties. When problems arise, time is of the essence to quickly trace the source of the problem, document the evidence, and minimize the odds of it happening again.

Our forensic accounting professionals have the experience to resolve high-stakes issues from the board room to the courtroom. Our senior staff and team members work alongside your C-Suite, in-house counsel, or middle management with full transparency and communication. With the highest confidentiality, RSM has the ability to deliver in-depth, data analytics services on voluminous financial information to identify errors, control breakdowns, and red flags of fraud. We also delve deep into digital forensics and incident response services, including assistance with data breaches and the collection and preservation of digital information. 

RSM fraud investigation success stories

RSM offers forensic analyses of financial processes for high-net worth client

Proactive forensic analysis found gaps in the client’s new bill pay process for dual approvals and the segregation of duties. RSM streamlined the bill pay process and tools after finding some inconsistencies for more accurate and timely financial reporting.

Proven processes enable rapid, effective aiding and abetting analysis

Large, publicly-traded technology company learned some terminology in customer contracts that could violate SEC rules. Leveraging machine learning and e-discovery, RSM filed financial statements, avoided adverse disclosures and costs of delayed filings.

Expansive forensic accounting and fraud investigation services

Companies in highly regulated industries must prepare for emerging regulations. RSM’s anti-money laundering (AML) consultants help you plan for long-term compliance, align efforts and enhance processes across all lines of defense.

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