RSM’s Trade Profiler

Take command of your cross-border trading activity using dynamic processing and visualization of your import data

Converting trade data into actionable intelligence

Many internationally active middle market companies lack full visibility into their cross-border trading activities. The sheer volume of imports and customs entries leads to blind spots that exacerbate compliance risks and missed opportunities for cost savings. 

RSM’s Trade Profiler enables you to see the whole picture through an interactive dashboard. It can analyze years of an importer’s information, converting trade data into actionable intelligence. By revealing inconsistencies, inefficiencies and redundancies, Trade Profiler enables companies to identify and quantify opportunities to lower tariff costs, reduce trading risks and improve supply chain performance.

Trade Profiler effectively illuminates issues such as inconsistencies in classification codes and supply chain inefficiencies related to the country of origin. By highlighting vendors by dollars, countries and entries, RSM’s team can identify whether a company can reduce costs by concentrating on sourcing to different or fewer countries. The automated presentation of declared value, duties paid, and effective duty rates spotlights import measures that are often unknown or seen only in isolation.

RSM’s Trade Profiler dashboards bring your cross-border trading activity into focus

RSM’s trade advisory team can address a wide variety of questions relating to the import data provided and will incorporate the results visually into the dashboards.

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