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2021 Saver’s Credit

Individuals may be eligible for a valuable incentive to reduce federal income tax liability for contributing to a 401(k) plan.


Tax planning for family offices

Matt Talcoff, RSM partner and national industry tax leader, and GrowthTV discuss the tax issues family offices should consider in 2021.

Tax Alert

Revised Form 941-X

The final version of Form 941-X Adjusted Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund has been released by the IRS.

  • Field, Karen
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Tax Alert

CARES Act becomes law

Act contains broad relief for individuals and businesses; includes funding vehicles, recovery payments, and modifications to TCJA provisions

  • Mitchell, Alexandra
  • |

Tax Alert

The CARES Act passes

Today, the House of Representatives passed the CARES Act on a voice vote and the President signed the bill enacting it into law.

  • Wood, Christian
  • |

Recorded Webcast

Qualified opportunity zones

QOZ funds, operating businesses and private investors should understand the practical application of the final QOZ regulations.

Tax Alert

North Carolina enacts budget bill

North Carolina enacts important corporate income and franchise tax, individual income tax and sales tax changes.

  • Ridenour, Craig
  • |

Tax Alert

Kansas enacts various tax changes

Kansas enacts legislation intended to close budget gap with various tax increases and the establishment of a tax amnesty program.

Tax Alert

IRS issues final 280C regulations

Final regulations simplify the IRC section 280C(c)(3) elections to claim a reduced research credit, executive summary.

  • Windram, Tom
  • |

Training and Hiring Credits

Learn about the wide range of federal, state and local tax credits and incentives for job creation and training activities.

Real Estate Investment Incentives

Understand and secure real estate investment incentives, such as tax credits for rehabilitation, low-income housing and underserved markets.

State and Local Tax

RSM tax consultants work with clients to develop a holistic State and Local Tax planning and compliance program.

Credits and Incentives

How can your company benefit from federal, state and local tax credits and incentives for your people, investments and operations?