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Make the most of your company’s data with Power BI and Microsoft Azure Synapse

Sep 26, 2022
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Power BI and Azure Synapse: The foundation of the data-powered organization

Middle-market businesses today need accurate and reliable data to make informed business decisions and gain a competitive advantage. But oftentimes, they have multiple, disparate databases, Excel spreadsheets and non-integrated systems, which can make it difficult for them to access and use their data.

In this e-book, RSM shows you how your company can combine Power BI and Microsoft Azure Synapse to:

  • Aggregate and rationalize data from multiple sources into a single system
  • Leverage data and analytics to accelerate advanced decision-making
  • Reduce the technology debt of on-premises servers and data warehouses 

We also provide real-world case studies of how three middle-market companies used Power BI and Microsoft Azure Synapse to overcome their technology challenges, achieve their business goals and obtain a more flexible and scalable architecture to support their growth.

These companies include: 

  • A leading North American producer of salads and healthy fresh foods
  • A provider of life insurance, retirement and investment solutions
  • An association with 40,000 members from 90 countries 


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