IPO readiness checklist

8 critical business areas to prepare for going public.

Sep 20, 2022
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The IPO process can be complicated, but these 8 steps break it down.

Taking your business public requires a great deal of preparation. After all, publicly held companies are subject to a different set of standards than private companies. To prepare, you’ll need to address issues across the organization and make changes so you’re ready to operate in the public markets.

Here are eight areas to consider as you prepare for your IPO:

  • Equity story. Create a compelling story.
  • Financial planning and analysis. Build a team that can handle the new responsibilities.
  • Financial reporting. Get the skills to create the right reports under more stringent time constraints.
  • Internal audit, controls, and risk. Identify the expertise to manage SOX compliance, cybersecurity, data privacy, and more.
  • Corporate governance, legal, and compliance. Put into place the right structure, processes, controls, and protections.
  • Human resources. Evaluate and prepare your HR operating model, policies, and procedures.
  • Technology. Develop and implement the technology strategy and structure to manage life as a public company.
  • Taxes. Maximize tax benefits and minimize tax risks.

Additional insights when considering taking your company public