Conquering COVID-19 family office challenges and seizing opportunities

Sep 05, 2020
Family office governance
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The coronavirus pandemic has ignited public health and economic crises that have challenged all businesses to varying degrees. Family offices, of course, are no exception. But layered beneath those difficulties are opportunities for growth that line the path to sustained success.

This is a good time for family offices to review key policies and procedures. With proper planning, family offices will be well positioned to preserve capital, transition into the digital economy, invest in undervalued assets and equip the next generation of family members with the right tools to drive future success.

With that in mind, RSM’s family office team compiled this e-book, a collection of articles examining how family offices can thrive as they push beyond the pandemic. The subjects include:

  • Overall challenges and opportunities
  • Investment risks
  • Investment opportunities
  • Virtual family office
  • Tax strategies for distressed assets
  • Technology solutions
  • Cybersecurity
  • Workforce issues