White Paper

The Accidental Customer

How legacy companies can become consumer-centric to win

Apr 19, 2021
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RSM and Corporate Board Member digital transformation survey of public company directors

Boards and leadership teams have long understood that digital was the path of the future, but it wasn’t until the global health pandemic of 2020 that companies were forced to take that leap and transform from within. Business models shifted, new competitors emerged and consumers followed the latest technology trends. Companies that had been lagging in their digital transformation road map found themselves on the losing end of the crisis. Convenience suddenly outranked quality.

Many believed this would be short-lived but now, a year into the pandemic, experts are predicting that this new commercial landscape will outlast COVID-19. Very few anticipate consumers will snap back to precrisis habits, and companies that have not fully committed to digital are finding themselves in a vulnerable place.

In a survey of 188 U.S. public company directors, Corporate Board Member and RSM sought to find out how boards envisioned the future, how their companies were surmounting the roadblocks of 2020 and how leadership had pivoted its corporate strategy to adapt to the new digital environment. This report presents our key findings.