Work Anywhere virtual workforce tax analysis

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Understand the tax consequences of a remote workforce
Understand the tax consequences of a remote workforce

Harness the power of robust data collection and interactive tools

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses to accelerate their transitions to remote and virtual workforce environments. These transitions have resulted in a number of obvious and nuanced tax implications. An employee’s work location may materially alter business and individual tax obligations among state, federal and international taxing regimes.

Businesses can understand and control the new workforce dynamic by combining robust data collection and interactive tools with a comprehensive, customized tax analysis. RSM’s Work Anywhere solution will help you evaluate:  

     State, local, federal, and international tax planning considerations
     Tax consequences of permanent virtual transformations
     Personal tax withholding compliance
     Nexus analysis for all state taxes and permanent establishment analysis from an international tax perspective
     Effects of mobile employees on income tax apportionment
     Opportunities for savings through state tax credits and incentives

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