RSM drives digital finance success for the American Board of Radiology

Oct 22, 2018
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The American Board of Radiology (ABR) was founded in 1934 based upon the desire of physicians in radiology to demonstrate that they had qualifications and expertise that would be worthy of the public trust. Today, the ABR operates as a not-for-profit with more than 80 employees working to achieve this mission.

With rapid growth, the ABR increased staff and grew its programs; however, it did not grow its infrastructure to permit its finance department to answer simple questions in a timely fashion. The ABR turned to the RSM management consulting team to help it address the finance challenges it was facing and provide digital solutions to improve productivity and access to timely financial information. Watch our video to learn more about the ABR’s journey with RSM.

We felt we were in need of some outside expertise to bring the ABR into the digital era.
Dr. Valerie Jackson, Executive Director, American Board of Radiology

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