Sales enablement best practices: CRM

How four companies improved productivity and customer experience

Jun 23, 2021
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CRM systems have evolved over the past decade to reflect the new realities of sales. Outbound is out; inbound is in. Customers know what they want to buy before they call your sales rep. And conversions, not leads, are the new KPI.

“We are capturing a lot of data we didn’t have before, and we can slide our data every which way. We’re a lot more efficient and can target our audience better.”

—Meghann Ellis, CSM Controller, Cambridge Sound Management

Has your CRM kept pace with your needs and are you leveraging it to its fullest? To help you learn more, we’ve created a sales enablement best practices guide that explores how RSM helped a variety of companies like yours identify the best CRM for their needs, and then implement and optimize their chosen solutions.

Read our sales enablement best practices guide to see how we’ve helped clients:

  • Connect CRM and inventory to help B2B customers shop for themselves
  • Transform the customer journey across physical stores and e-commerce
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Integrate CRM data with Finance data

“Because we have better information through technology, we know what products our customers want, we know what they are interested in, and we understand what language to use, so we can be much more efficient in our marketing practices.”

—Connor Swegle, CMO, Priority Bicycles

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